M, An Introduction

M is a 360-degree agency, provided a complete set of services and skills. We deliver a comprehensive collection of capabilities to ensure we can support every aspect of marketing and communication needs for some of the most demanding brands, organisations and companies across the world.

What makes M a qualified agency with distinction is an expertise developed via working for more than twenty-five years with some of the most advanced technological brands.

M is a dynamic organisation with the capability to think and act at a pace seldom achieved in larger organisations, or in the public or private sector. The company is defined by a determination to make the right thing happen, in the right way, at the right time.

  • Digital
  • Communications
  • Experiential
  • End-to-end design and build capabilities
  • Complete creative services

M & BAE Systems

 As one of the world’s pre-eminent defence contractors, BAE Systems is in the business of creating the latest defence technologies.

The nature of the industry demands that BAE Systems showcases its portfolio of services at tier one and tier two events around the world, continuously.

M provides comprehensive support across a range of event sizes and scales of investment.

From the Farnborough International Air Show to specific regional activity, BAE Systems requires an unparalleled breadth of services and support, all delivered through its lead agency, M.

  • Total exhibit design and build services
  • Broad range of event and exhibit sizes
  • Diverse services offerings occupying single stand structuresUnique needs of the stand visitor, VIP and VVIP protocols operate due to the nature of the industry
  • Environments that extend beyond the exhibition show floor to include secure hospitality environments and meeting spaces for VVIP dignitaries
  • Audience acquisition and registration processes
  • Site-specific messaging and communications campaigns