M, An Introduction

M is a 360-degree agency, provided a complete set of services and skills. We deliver a comprehensive collection of capabilities to ensure we can support every aspect of marketing and communication needs for some of the most demanding brands, organisations and companies across the world.

What makes M a qualified agency with distinction is an expertise developed via working for more than twenty-five years with some of the most advanced technological brands.

M is a dynamic organisation with the capability to think and act at a pace seldom achieved in larger organisations, or in the public or private sector. The company is defined by a determination to make the right thing happen, in the right way, at the right time.

  • Digital
  • Communications
  • Experiential
  • End-to-end design and build capabilities
  • Complete creative services

The culmination of over 27 years experience in delivering integrated campaigns, activities and production has led to M becoming qualified to provide content marketing, media and bid services on behalf of cities to build reputation, recognition and credibility.


Throughout 2016 Budapest embarked on a programme of activities to build its profile in international communities, including its bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

M was the lead strategy, international communications and marketing partner, taking on the responsibility to coordinate and deliver all content and production outputs as required by the communications strategy, developed in partnership with the key city stakeholders.

M also worked closely with various government departments, for example, the hotel federation and the tourism board, integrating both the Budapest 2024 Olympic bid with a Budapest City Tourism campaign.

The M scope was extensive and included all creative direction for the campaigns.  A key remit for M was the on-going competitor analysis and 360-degree risk assessments and due diligence.  Strong branding was essential in reflecting the core messages across the campaign and M developed brand guardianship as well as thematic development and messaging.

  • Strategy
  • Narrative/Messaging
  • Leadership training/presentations
  • Technical films
  • Thought leadership
  • International relations & protocol advice
  • IOC presentations



Madrid’s bid to the International Olympic Committee enabled M to use its full range of services to create maximum effect when communicating the city’s offer to both the IOC members as well as to those sporting communities, civic allies and stakeholders that would bolster Madrid’s credibility through partnership.

During the 18-month life of Madrid’s integrated campaign, led internationally by M, a range of strategies and techniques were developed and deployed. From direct mail to online community-building using social media tools, M defined the appropriate tactics and identified the correct channels to engage with specific audiences. This directly led to M being awarded the Budapest 2024 Olympic Bid promotion.

  • StrategyNarrative/Messaging
  • Leadership training/presentations
  • Exhibition and presentation suite design & build
  • Digital communication
  • International relations & protocol advice
  • IOC presentations